Seek Discomfort

Audience Size: 40,000,000+ / 10,000,000+ subscribers

WeCare Team Setup:

  • 4 agents working full-time across 3 regions.
  • All bi-lingual with 16+ hour coverage, 6 days a week.
  • 1 dedicated team leader (workflow optimization, QA).

WeCare Team Results:

  • Reduction from 48+ hour first response time to 2.4 hours average within 60 days (6 hours within the first 30 as we reduced backlog). That’s a 95% decrease in first response time just in case you didn’t feel like doing the math.
  • 2000+ tickets monthly.
  • 96%+ average satisfaction monthly (and rising), up from 70% before DIDIN takeover.

Decrease in response time, resolution time, and an increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Getting Started with WeCare:

The All Gas No Breaks team chose WeCare to help with the complete revision of their customer service systems including the structuring of their teams, internal systems, platforms & tools and more. At the time their team, though as awesome as they are, only had one agent answering tickets fulltime and with the holiday season quickly approaching, realized this wasn’t a sustainable long-term solution. They needed a trusted partner that could manage their workflow autonomously while still staying true to the language, ethics and core of the brand.

Fast-forwarding to today they’ve seen a 91.6% overall decrease in customer solution time, a 20% overall increase in customer satisfaction, and all while continuing to pay less than any of their competitors.

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