Seek Discomfort

Audience Size: 40,000,000+ / 7,000,000+ subscribers

WeCare Team Setup:

  • 4 agents working full-time across 3 regions.
  • All bi-lingual with 16+ hour coverage, 6 days a week.
  • 1 dedicated team leader (workflow optimization, QA).

WeCare Team Results:

  • Reduction from 48+ hour first response time to 2.4 hours average within 60 days (6 hours within the first 30 as we reduced backlog). That’s a 95% decrease in first response time just in case you didn’t feel like doing the math.
  • 2000+ tickets monthly.
  • 96%+ average satisfaction monthly (and rising), up from 70% before DIDIN takeover.

Decrease in response time, resolution time, and an increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Getting Started with Us

Yes Theory is a huge YouTube content creation team that chases discomfort. With valuable lessons embedded in every video they produce, the Yes Theory team takes every challenge handed to them. From climbing the world's largest pyramid, to working on virtual talent shows, they've also found their way into their own sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion brand.

With an average of 200 tickets a day, the MessageWeCare team has been able to handle the brand with astonishing success. With a rolling month-to-month 94% satisfaction rate, they've never been more satisfied. We've helped mold their SOPs, recommended actionables, and have been kicking ass every since.

Case Study

Yes Theory

Our journey with Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort.


Doing Things Media

Our journey with Doing Things Media. 

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