Doing Things Media

Audience Size: 220,000,000+ / 50,000,000+ Subscribers

WeCare Team Setup:

  • 6 agents working full-time across 2 regions.
  • 16+ hour coverage, 6 days a week. 
  • 1 dedicated team leader (workflow optimization, QA).

WeCare Team Results:

  • Reduction from 30+ hour first response time to 10 hours average within 30 days. Fast forward 3 months and they’re now averaging a 3-hour first touch with a 7.5 hour total solution time! 
  • 1500+ tickets (the brand is rapidly scaling and this number increases month over month, but the KPI’s only improve!) 
  • 93.5%+ average satisfaction monthly (and rising).

A WeCare overhaul resulted in quicker response times and a higher satisfaction score.

Getting Started with Us

4 months ago the Doing Things Media team approached WeCare with a large backlog of customer service inquiries and ever building wave of interest. Following a transparent and decisive dialogue, MessageWeCare was charged to engage in the total takeover of the DTM customer service systems including the structuring of their teams, internal processes & policies, platforms & tools, and much more.

As of the most recent period DTM has seen roughly an 80% decrease in customer wait time, as well as a large overall increase in customer satisfaction which is now consistently maintained over 90%+ at all times.

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