All Gas No Breaks

Audience Size: 63,000,000+ / 1,600,000+ Subscribers

WeCare Team Setup:

  • 6 agents working full-time across 2 regions.
  • 16+ hour coverage, 6 days a week. 
  • 1 dedicated team leader (workflow optimization, QA).

WeCare Team Results:

  • Reduction from 30+ hour first response time to 10 hours average within 30 days. Fast forward 3 months and they’re now averaging a 3-hour first touch with a 7.5 hour total solution time! 
  • 1500+ tickets (the brand is rapidly scaling and this number increases month over month, but the KPI’s only improve!) 
  • 93.5%+ average satisfaction monthly (and rising).

A WeCare overhaul resulted in quicker response times and a higher satisfaction score.

Getting Started with Us

There was a time where Doing Things Media approached us with a task - take care of these customer issues for All Gas No Breaks. We assembled our team, observed their SOPs, created macros around their brand, and set to work.

DTM has seen roughly an 80% decrease in customer wait time, as well as a large overall increase in customer satisfaction which is now consistently maintained over 90%+ at all times.

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